SimCenter Enterpirses -- A collaboration of higher education and private enterprise.

Modeling and simulation using high performance computing is a
critical component at the core of manufacturing in the 21st Century. Advancements in computing power and efficient computational methodology now allow both small and large businesses to solve challenges and problems that were previously beyond reach.

The SimCenter: National Center for Computational Engineering is a state-of-the-art facility located at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga dedicated to solving complex problems using computational methodologies.

SimCenter Enterprises is a non-profit organization representing a collaboration between UTC, the SimCenter, and private enterprise. Our mission is to identify, develop, and promote practical and commercial applications of the technologies developed within the SimCenter and facilitate the advancement of business by harnessing applicable capabilities and technologies.

Business Problem Solving
Put the power of high performance computing to work for you. SimCenter Enterprises enables all businesses [small and large] and entrepreneurs the ability to model, simulate, and virtualize product designs and services more efficiently. Minimize prototype creation, streamline processes, and lower costs while enhancing competitiveness.
New Product Development
The SimCenter: National Center for Computational Engineering also spins out software-for-service technologies suitable for commercialization, from disaster preparedness planning to naval architecture simulation and analysis.
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